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Miss Marple makes a comeback

News Juxtaposition: Climate Change

Music: lyrics for Nao, by Ritam Sen, Prasen, and Hoodkhola Kobitara

Ancient DNA traces origin of Black Death

Of Cricket, and How Fast Bowling is About More Than Speed

Multi-core parallel processing in Python with multiple arguments

The state of dysfunction in the Indian Congress Party

India’s Independence Day

Human evolution and the role of our grandmothers

Pregnant elephant tortured to death in India: it was fed a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers.

Wriddhiman Saha shines as India wicketkeeper

Celebrating babies’ first laugh

The climate change that helped the dinosaurs

Democracy brings discontent’ in peaceful Bhutan

FIFA updates its ethics code… to fight defamation, not corruption

The ugly scandal that cancelled the Nobel prize in literature

Disposable America — A history of modern capitalism from the perspective of the straw. Seriously.

New free street library in Kolkata!

Indian banks contemplate ‘face reading’ to spot doubtful loan seekers

Indian Railways decides to enforce baggage limits

How the smallest programming bugs can be catastrophic

Adios Cassini

Of India’s high-speed rail ambitions, and lazy Indian journalism

Radiolab Podcast: Using flickering lights to treat Alzheimer’s Disease

UK Election: Interesting logistics of the Queen’s speech

Everyday bat vocalizations are rich and complex

How Bayesian inference works

Music: lyrics for Daniken, from Rupam Islam’s Notun Niyom

Music: lyrics for Haowaay Pa, from Rupam Islam’s Notun Niyom

Duck Tales 2017, first look

Recent ISRO satellite launch carried special imaging constellation

Indian Space Research Organization launches satellites, breaks record

Hoshino — Star Wars fan film

Hydrogen map of the sky to show the Sun’s motion in the galaxy

Of Alien Megastructures

Penn and Teller — fooled by a card trick

A hermit crab changes home; brings house guests along

Britain has voted to leave the European Union

Gallons per 100 Miles — The Calibration Chart

Muhammad Ali is no more

King Tut’s dagger was made from a meteorite

Mumbai Police go after comedian for “mocking” celebrities

Minimalist Travel — The World in One Backpack

Star Wars Episode 4 in one graphic

Octopress — adding category tags to the blog RSS feed

Creating “Linked-List” type posts

Of Cricket, Mankad-ing, and the Spirit of the Game

On Failure in Metallic Materials

On India’s World Cup performance (they lost today)

So-called “Scientist” bets against science; loses

Elementary school dumps homework; parents are ‘outraged’

Thoughts on Interstellar, the movie (spoilers!)

On avoiding plagiarism

This may be the best journal article ever

Using MathJax with Octopress

Creating Bandpass Bessel Filter with MATLAB

Apple’s Curse

The secret to happy work

MATLAB repository

Music: lyrics for Bnaador, from Fossils 4

Music: lyrics for Hajar Bichhana, from Fossils 4

Music: lyrics for Khnoro Amar Fossil, from Fossils 4

Music: lyrics for Mohakaash, from Fossils 4

Matlab: find a string within a cell array of strings

More on the Naked Mole Rat

Dissertation Proposal

A-second-a-day video

It looked fine from the outside.’

How would you explain to a public audience the importance of interdisciplinary research?

My scientific writing workflow

Chicago Sun-times fired its photographers. How’s that turning out?

On using (or abusing) bio-technology

The problem facing scientist writers

Where are the engineers’ blogs?

Website Rebuild — using Octopress

Stephen Colbert touches hearts as always—in a different way today

What advantages does a composite have?

So, what are Composites, again?

Getting up to speed…

It doesn’t matter if global warming is man-made

Virgin births… in snakes!

Rethinking Dinosaurs

Of Space Worms

Confusing correlation with causation

Tapeworms inside the human brain

And all because he didn’t know HTML

Some birds have their own HUDs

Guess why the Russian spacecraft failed…

Of the brain-eating amoeba

Christopher Hitchens is dead

The rat that’s ‘immune’ to acid

Forks over Knives’

Trying to be too clean

The Mystery of the Abydos flying machines in ancient Egypt

Steve Jobs is dead.

The Boeing 787

Ph.D. Candidate’?

When Galaxies collide…

Choosing passwords

The Robot that flies like a bird

It’s all in the Statistics!

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