Privacy Policy

This webpage describes the privacy policy in use on this website. It specifies what information about you, the user, is saved, and how it is used, if at all.

(Short summary: no information that can identify you is saved on this website, and whatever information is saved is for statistical purposes only, for me to keep maintaining the website efficiently. In other words, surf freely; you’re perfectly safe here. 🙂)

I am interested in statistical information about visitors to this site. Information that is important to me includes primarily the web browser that you use (example Google Chrome), and the operating system installed (example Windows 7). I’m also interested in knowing which web pages you spent the most time on. This information helps me maintain this website to the highest standards, and ensure that the web pages are optimized for viewing by the majority of my guests.

Statistical information is logged in standard fashion on this website. I use the online service StatCounter for this purpose, and their webservers store and summarize the information that I need to view. In addition to the information I already mentioned, other parameters, such as your IP address, which website you arrived here from, and what time you visited, are also logged. None of the information logged is intended, or is sufficient, to personally identify you. Any derivative use that the collected information can be put to is of no use to me, and is not pursued.

In order to count the number of visitors to this website, StatCounter needs a way to distinguish unique visitors from the same user visiting multiple times. For this purpose, and this purpose only, a cookie is saved in your browser. This cookie does not collect or transmit any information about you or your computer, and only serves to identify whether you have visited this website recently.

Neither I nor StatCounter share any statistics with any third party. I do not and will not serve advertisements on this website.